Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clarita Amish School Auction

With hurricane Ike dragging rain up our way, we decided to make a run north and visit the Clarita, Oklahoma Amish School Auction. There's a small community of Amish people that live in the rural area north west of Durant Oklahoma. Several years ago, they held an auction and craft sale to raise money for their school.

It really took off, and they average over 10,000 attendees most years. This year, I would imagine that attendance was a little off - but there were still a ton of people there and lots to see. My only complaint is that it alternated between drizzling and downright raining the whole time we were there. Didn't bother me much, comfort-wise, but it played hell on me being able to take as many pictures as I wanted too.

They auction antiques, quilts, farm equipment, livestock.... the works.

pony in harness 2

They have a pancake breakfast at 6 am every year, and the first auction starts at 8 am. There are several large tents for the auctions, and several large and small tents for people there just selling antiques and crafts outright.


The Amish are an interesting group of people. There was a long period in my life when such a lifestyle would have been considered "heaven". Much of it still would, but I'm afraid I've grown too accustomed to high-speed internet, motorcycles, and other vices to give it all up now :)

They had lots of baked goods for sale, including bread, cakes, and cookies. They also had two tents with large antique engine powered ice cream freezers.

ice cream dual freezers

The ice cream was DELICIOUS!!!

ice cream dishing

We had a great time, in spite of the awful weather. They have this every year, and we're planning to go back next year. We'll get there early and stay a bit later next time.

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