Thursday, September 11, 2008

Squirrel... YUM!!!

I promise you.. I'm not just loafing around today and surfing the internet, although it might look that way with the numerous link-style posts I'm making today :) I just find myself stumbling across interesesting stuff when I log on and off during the day.

Check out this video, of a lovely lady named Heidi Wilson and her son. Its a cooking show style segment that feature Ms. Wilson and her son hunting a squirrel, and then cooking it up into a "squirrel salad sandwich".


Where I found the link, if was obviously posted in a attempt to make fun of Ms. Wilson - and anyone else who would be "backward" enough to eat a squirrel. Oddly enough, though, the comments on the website were overwhelmingly positive, which I think kick's ass! Squirrel is wonderfully delicious, if you cook it right. The times I've spent in the woods hunting them as a kid, and later as an adult with my Wife, are some of the best I've known.

Here's the video.... I'm going squirrel hunting this year, for sure!

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