Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chuckwagon Cookoff - Roundup on the Range

One of my favorite annual events was this past Saturday. It's the "Roundup on the Range" Chuckwagon cookoff that's held each year outside Mckinney Texas. Each year, about a dozen chuckwagon teams from all over the US compete for prize money based on how authentic their rig is, as well as how good their food is.

ror team

Not only is it a fun event to watch, its some really good food!

ror lunch

This year they added a Native American Pow-Wow. Maybe we just missed the good parts, but what we saw was kind of a disappointment. One guy telling stories and playing a flute does not a Pow-Wow make, in my opinion. Maybe it will get better if they have that part again next year.

At any rate, the food was great, the wagons and chuckwagon teams were wonderful (as usual) and the live music was especially good. Ashley Austin performed, and she's as good or better a singer than many of the national acts. We also really liked the Quebe Sisters Band, who Ashley Austin described as "the Andrew's Sisters of Country Music" - and that's a great description. I even bought one of their CDs :)

ror flour skirt

You can check out my flickr stream for more pictures from this year's event - and last years as well. I'm editing some video as I get time and I'll post it here sometime this week.

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