Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Reluctant Passenger

I found this picture while browsing the Library Of Congress Archive online...

1912 reluctant passenger

I liked this picture for several reasons: the look on the girls face, the death grip she has on the plane, the fact that her feet are tied together (!), and the evil grin on the pilot's face. The caption for this picture reads, in part:

"RIVIERO, Senorita Lenore, Rex Smith Aeroplane 1912"


Tikabelle said...

Sorry to barge into the party years after the fact, but I was looking up information on Lenore Riviero (it's scarce bordering on non-existant) and came across your blog post.

Her feet are tied together to keep her skirt from flying up. Good to know those early aeronauts had their priorities straight, isn't it?!

Paladin said...

We wouldn't want any in flight flashing going on, would we? :)