Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old Time British Farming Movie

I've posted links to BFI films on Youtube before. They have a fascinating repository of old films from the earliest days of hand cranked movies. I especially like when they post films from rural areas, or everyday scenes from Victorian/Edwardian England.

Here's a link to another good one, even though it doesn't go back that far. It's relatively new, in relation to the films that normally appeal to me. Its from 1938, and shows the common harvest activities on a British Farm in those days - featuring horse drawn reaper/binders, mid-day "ale breaks", and the traditional English tea-time provided in the fields by the farmer's Wives.

I dig the old style breeches worn by the farmers in the field, so if anyone knows a source in the US that makes this style (high waisted and notched for suspenders), let me know.

This film is reported to be shot in "Dufaycolor". I'm not sure what that entails, but it gives a color effect that reminds me of the soft hand-tint that you see on some photographs.

Pretty cool stuff to watch, if you ask me:

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