Friday, April 10, 2009

Tactical Aptitude

When evaluating both opponents and team-mates, its important to remember that appearances can be deceiving.

For example, when you look at my grandbaby the first impulse is to go "AWWwwww...", because she's clearly the cutest little baby you've ever seen.


As with anyone, though, there is often depth contained below the pleasant surface. This is "Trixie".... Bailey's rough-housing alter ego.

Fresh from an out of control bout of Easter debauchery, Trixie is obviously someone you would give a wide berth to, should you encounter her in a dark alley.

Now having a side that is less refined, and even a little "edgy", can be of benefit. Recently, I was witness to an exhibition of tactical planning and execution that leads me to believe that the apple of my eye has a flair for taking care of business.

Bailey/Trixie has been a little under the weather, with a virus. She visited the Dr. a couple of days ago for a visit, due to that illness, and was subjected to both an injection, a catheter (for urine collection), and having her temp taken via rectal thermometer. According to my Daughter, she protested all the above most vigorously, but has been feeling much better since.

Today, I was given the task of taking her in to the Dr. for a second shot, and a general evaluation.

Bailey was a perfect angel - right up until it was time to have her temperature taken. The nurse prepped the probe, and as she began Bailey didn't cry at all. Within seconds, however, she had managed to crap all over the nurse's hand, the probe, and the exam table.

bailey bunny 2 smallest

That's my girl :)

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