Friday, October 30, 2009

Antique Hearse

Ok.... I know some will find this an odd diversion of mine, but I've always wanted to get an old Hearse to restore.

hearse 1937 la salle

1937 LaSalle

These old girls are beautiful, to me. Maybe its my lack of repulsion with imagery surrounding death, but I find old hearses to be some of the most appealing and unique autos ever made.

hearse 1939 cadillac

1939 Cadillac

hearse 1929 cunningham

1929 Cunningham

In the past, I've tried to sell my Mrs on the idea with the following reasoning:

"But Honey.... just think of the possibilities! I could fix it up with limo style seats in the back, then hire myself out on the weekends in October as a limo carrying groups to and from haunted houses and "scary tours" in the DFW area.

When it's not Halloween, I could drop a liner in a casket transforming into an ice chest, and have the most unique, kick-ass tailgating vehicle for sporting events the world has ever seen..."

hearse 1924 lincoln

1924 Lincoln

None of these very well reasoned and logical debate points seems to penetrate Her resistance to having a hearse parked in the driveway for extended periods of time.

Go figure.

hearse 1957 chevy

1957 Chevy


Gator said...

I saw a casket one time at Texas Motor Speedway that had been converted to an ice chest.

Cwn Annwn on Patrol said...

Arrr! Shiver me timbers she is pretty lass and good with a knife.