Saturday, July 16, 2011

Holding two thoughts at once

I stopped by the local Nursery/Landscaping Store the other day, to pick up some systemic Pesticide drench that will hopefully knock the crap out of the Azalea Bark Scale that is pestering  one of my Crape Myrtle Trees. I don't dare buy any actual plants this time of year, because the heat and lack of rain makes it almost impossible to get anything established and growing. I still can't resist walking around outside looking at all the pretty plants whenever I'm there, though.

As I was walking through the rows of plants I saw something that caused me to have two disparate thoughts in my head at the exact same time. A gorgeous, tall, leggy blonde was also walking amid the rows of plants in the 100+ heat. She was wearing a very short black cocktail dress and 4 inch heeled "F-Me pumps" while pulling a little cart behind her that was absolutely loaded down with plants.

I was simultaneously struck by the absurdly impractical composition of the scene, as well as the warm realization that I live in the best place in the whole wide world.

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