Friday, February 24, 2012

Girl Friday - 2/24/2012 - Kelly Stables

This week's Girl Friday is under 5 feet tall, and packs a ton of appeal into that small package. If you'd asked me if I'd eventually feel this way after seeing her on screen the first time - I'd have said no.....

Kelly Stables

kelly-stables 4

Hit the jump for more pics, including one that shows why I would have been doubtful....

Kelly-Stables 6

kelly stables 3

kelly stables 2

You probably know Kelly from her recurring role on Two and a Half Men, where she plays the receptionist/sometimes girlfriend of one of the main characters. What you may not realize is that Kelly also starred in The Ring Two - as the evil little girl who kept crawling out of the well and killing people....

kelly stables ring

She did stunt work for the first film of the franchise, and then got the starring role in the 2nd film.

kelly stables

kelly-stables 5


Jon said...

I absolutely love her role in Two and a Half Men.

Paladin said...

Jon - Yeah, me too. I only just started watching the show in the last 6 months or so. Syndication has reruns on cable several times a day so it seems like its always on :)