Thursday, November 8, 2012


Whew... yesterday really sucked. Political Carnage everywhere I looked. In fact, I almost called in sick for work. I awoke to the realization that "This is not my Country anymore" was more than just rhetoric. It was now a looming fact of life. I almost never call in sick to work, but I didn't relish dealing with the endless stream of helpless idiots that I have to coddle throughout the day after the election loss the night before.

Yeah, I'll admit to being in a pretty dark place throughout much of the morning....

turkeys could fly

But I didn't call in sick. 

I went to work because that's what I do.

I did my best with every situation placed before me because that's what I do.

I enjoyed the beautiful Texas Fall day for the wondrous gift that it is because that's what I do.

I did spend some time thinking about the threats facing our country, and what I can do to defeat them, because that's what I do.

Yes, as a Conservative it is quite possible that I'm outnumbered in America today. Yes, the odds are against us. Yes, we face lots of obstacles to turning things around. And Yes, our enemies are many (including quite a few in the Stupid Party)...

On the other hand.... the conditions I just described sure do make a wonderful set up for the come-back success story of the century.

This IS my Country.
I'm not going to check out. I'm not going to give up. I'm not going to delude myself that there will be a quick fix to what ails America - or if there's going to be a fix at all.  But I'll be damned if I'll ever say "Just screw it..." and throw up my hands when I have people that I love that will be here dealing with things long after I've left the worries of this place behind me.

I'll fight the fight as long as there is breath in me.

Because that's what I do.

Besides.... if I can't hack being surrounded and outnumbered by idiots, I'd best start looking for a remote island somewhere to move to.

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drjim said...

yep, even though it's depressing, we have to keep going.