Friday, November 2, 2012

Girl Friday - 11/2/2012 - Ardella

This week's Girl Friday hails from the Land Down Under. She lives in Australia and participates in the passtime known as "Cosplay", where folks create and wear costumes inspired by popular Movie, Comicbook, and Television characters.


ardella 4

Hit the jump for more....

ardella 2

ardella 3

ardella 6


ardella 9

ardella 7

The Costumes are all pretty impressive, and Ms. Ardella is cute as a button even without the interesting get-ups.

ardella 11


Ardella Eagle said...

Given that last month's Gal Friday and I share the same given name, and that I too love cosplay and that Jessica Rabbit and Poison Ivy are a couple of my favs, I'm jealous of her.

Carry on, good Paladin.

Paladin said...

Welcome, Ardella! Cosplayers are some of the most imaginative and creative people I've ever met. It's me that should be jealous :)