Monday, November 5, 2012

Meat on the Table

Just in case you were wondering whether or not it pays to "know the right people"... 

I grew up hunting, but it was "poor mans' hunting". Mainly rabbits and squirrels with a few birds thrown in for good measure. I've never had a chance to shoot anything larger because I've never had the opportunity to hunt someplace that had any.. well, deer.

I'd like to, but it always seemed like I had other priorities for the money (and time) it would take to secure a decent deer lease.

Anyway... my Son-in-law has done some work for a guy who is associated with an exotic game ranch helping him around the place, building stands/blinds, etc. In gratitude, the fella let SIL and my Daughter hunt there recently for free as a "thank you".

Here's the Dall Ram my beloved Daughter brought down:

dall ram

Ain't that something!

Hell Yeah, I'm proud. And maybe a just a little bit jealous too. How come the only people that I know are actually poorer than I am? The mid-section entry wound that you see in the picture above was the followup shot she made after her first round hit the ram. You can't see that hole because its hidden behind the goat's elbow in the picture, in the heart/lung area.

Maybe one day I'll know somebody too :)

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