Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sex Sells... Coffins?

Via Yahoo -

WARSAW (Reuters) - A Polish firm that makes coffins has angered the Catholic church by trying to drum up business with a calendar depicting topless models posing next to its caskets.

One image from the 2013 edition of the calendar has a blonde model, wearing only a skimpy thong and with a snake draped around her neck, reclining on a coffin. In another, a woman wearing a crimson corset is depicted pulling out the heart of a man lying on a casket.

"My son had the idea of creating the company's calendar... so that we could show something half-serious, colorful, beautiful; the beauty of Polish girls and the beauty of our coffins," said Zbigniew Lindner, the firm's owner.

I've not seen any of the 2013 calendar images mentioned in the article, but apparently this isn't the first year they've done this. Some previous calendar images are online, though.

Pinup Casket Models? I don't know if its a useful sales technique or not, but I got no problem with it....


Stephen said...

One of them would sure look nice on my office wall.

Steve said...

A coffin? Or a calendar?