Wednesday, December 12, 2012

From the Workshop - Mathes Cooler Fan

I found this Old Girl at a flea market a couple of weeks ago....

mathes cooler before

It's a 1940's era Mathes Cooler wooden box fan. My Dad had one of these (different model) when I was a kid that he used as a workshop fan. I've been looking for one for nostalgia reasons for a long time now. You don't see them very often, and when you do it seems like people want a ridiculous amount for them. You'll see them on Ebay from time to time - but again people are asking close to $100 for the fans and shipping adds another $20, at least.

This one is a small one speed fan. The switch was missing and someone had direct wired a dried out, crumbling lamp cord to the motor. I risked plugging her in at the flea market long enough to see that the motor wasn't dead, gave the girl $20 for her, and happily brought the dirty thing home :)

Once I cleaned the mouse gnawed pecan hulls out of the case, she wasn't hard to get going again at all. I cleaned the dust/dirt off the motor and blades and rewired using a $3 toggle switch and an old cord that I had cut off a dead vacuum cleaner a while back. I lubricated the motor via the two oiling ports at front and back. The case just took a little Formby's and some Danish Oil.

She turned out pretty nice... and she runs very strong and quiet. She's actually a two speed fan - Off and "Holy Crap nail everything down!!"

mathes cooler after 1

mathes cooler after 2


Bob said...

Pretty restoration job. Gotta love those old appliances that used real wood instead of plastic and sheet metal.

Stephen said...

Nice. You do great work.

Six said...

You do nice work Paladin.

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