Monday, December 17, 2012

How far we have fallen .....

One of the best scenes, in one of the best movies of all time....

"Were it worth the trouble?"

 "Huh?.... What trouble?" 

That simple exchange,  after ALL that he had been through up to that point, beautifully sums up the spirit of America That Was, to me. All Jeremiah wanted to was to live free - beholding to none. The scene above is beautifully understated, but it's critical to the context of the movie as a whole. This film was almost solely responsible for me spending every moment that I possibly could out wandering the woods as a young man. I have Jeremiah Johnson on DVD now and watch it again at least once every year.

If you are a Liberal Democrat or Big-Government Republican, I expect that you'll understand very little of what follows....

These men were apparently unaware of their critical need for Obamacare, government provided contraception, Obamaphones, public housing, nutritional mandates, food stamps, bail-out assistance, fema responses, safety nets,  multi-year unemployment benefits, the EPA, the USDA, HHS, the IRS, the BATF, and The Department of Homeland Security..... ad infinitum.

I wonder what men like that would think of us today?

What would they think of people who actually approve of the government intruding into every single aspect of our lives - from passing laws limiting the size of soft drinks that they can buy all the way up to forcing people to buy a product they don't want?

What would they think of people who, two days after a bad storm, sit in the rubble and cry over their plight while pleading for FEMA to bring them a ration of 10% post-consumer recycled designer toilet paper so they can wipe their asses?

What would they think of a people who rely on the government to feed their kids breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.... because all the children are starving, while those same people crave government direction and control over restaurant menu labeling... because all our kids are obese?

What would they think of local governments that threaten legal action against little kids for having a lemonade stand on their street? Of kids getting kicked out of school for pointing their finger at another kid during recess? Or of a small town being forced to remove their Nativity Scene because some grouchy busybody half way across the Country complained about it?

What would they make of the sea of nameless, faceless, unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats to whom we've given power and control over our day to day lives?....

I seem to be saying this alot lately... but it needs saying again:

Fuck the Nanny State.


Bob said...

One of my favorite movies, as well. Bear Claw starts the movie as Johnson's mentor and teacher, and in this scene realizes he's been far surpassed, and is made rather nervous by it (the "what month is it" exchange). In the end of the scene he leaves, possibly worried for his safety.

Ever read the two books that the movie was based on? Vardis Fisher's Mountain Man and Raymond Thorp's Crow Killer? I liked Thorp's book better.

Paladin said...

Bob - I've read the Vardis book. I'll have to pick up Thorps and check it out. Thanks for the tip!

Six said...

Amen Paladin and may our descendants forgive us.