Sunday, December 2, 2012

Officer Down - Please Read

Officer Roy Marcum, 14 year veteran of the Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulatory Department, was killed in the line of duty on November 29, 2012.

Officer Marcum was responding to a call of abandoned animals at a house in Galt, California where the resident had been evicted by the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept. the day before. Two locksmiths also received minor injuries when the suspected shooter - Joseph Corey aged 65 - fired a shotgun at all three men through the closed front door of the residence. It is presumed that the shooter re-entered the house after being evicted. Officer Marcum was declared dead at the scene.

Officer Marcum is survived by his Wife, Tina, and their four children.

A memorial fund has been opened for Roy's Family. Checks may be made payable to "Memorial Fund for Roy Marcum." and should be submitted to  Premier West Bank, 9340 E. Stockton Blvd., Elk Grove, 95624. Please note the account number 82804846 in the memo field of the check.

I didn't know Officer Marcum myself. I've walked in his professional shoes, though, for over 17 years now. I've been involved in evictions, clearing dogs from crack houses, and all sorts of other dicey situations. I've had people come out from hiding in "vacant" houses before. I've had people come at me in the dark and threaten me when on the job.

Animal Control Officers do things every day that a Police Officer would laugh in face of someone were they to even suggest they do them. We don't chase bank robbers and murderers, but we deal on a daily basis with just as many potential nut-jobs in just as many tense and dangerous situations - usually without the benefit of firearms or even a kevlar vest.

When the "danger" of the job is brought to the attention of The Suits upstairs.... the common response is, "What do you need a bullet proof vest for? You're a Dog Catcher. Dogs don't carry guns. If you have problems with a citizen call the Police."

Hug your Animal Control Officer next time you see him or her. You might warn them first, though. They won't be used to it. And if you can spare a couple of bucks, fire off a check to the family of Officer Marcum. Its the least we can do for the legacy of a man who went to work every day and did the best he could in a very hard line of work.


Six said...

Dammit! Another good man gone. Our prayers to his family. Lu and I will send along a donation. I've said it many times, you do not get the recognition and respect you deserve. Sad, sad day. Thanks for the heads up Paladin.

Paladin said...

Thanks, Six. Its a damn shame. My supervisor emailed The Suits where I work a copy of the news articles hoping it might provide a wake up call and encourage them to get vests for us. They didn't even reply to him.