Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This would not have ended well.

This is a video from a Brazilian Television show that pranked people using a modified elevator. The prankee's would get on the elevator and start to go up, only to find that the lights begin to flicker and eventually go out, leaving them in darkness....

I won't wreck what happens next, so just watch the video:

On the one hand, I found that really, really funny :)

I have to tell you, though, that would not have gone well for anyone had I been in the elevator. Not that I'm above screaming like a little girl... 'cuz I'm totally capable of peeing myself and yelling. Its just that I also respond very badly to being startled like that. Reflex or Adrenaline or Something kicks in and I go from zero to "Assholes and Elbows" in about .6 seconds.

It's sort of the same part of my personality that causes me to charge toward aggressive animals instead of running away when I'm on the job. I'm pretty sure that I would have punched the little girl out of reflex before I could stop myself.

And then I would have felt like crap once I realized it was a joke because OH MY GOD I PUNCHED A LITTLE KID !!!!

Which would have made me angry as hell at whoever thought the thing up to begin with and I would have gone after them next.

See what I mean? Yeah... Best I just avoid the whole messy "Hey wouldn't it be funny if we scared Paladin?" thing - don't you think?

I also don't go to Haunted Houses, though I would truly love to. Someone jumps out an grabs me and someone is probably going to the Hospital. That can ruin a fun night out really quickly. Just can't take the chance.


Stephen said...

That was so damn funny you, if I had been in there the poor little girl would not have liked my reaction. Then, I'd have had to change my trousers...

Overload in Colorado said...

I think you have what I've heard termed "Hair Trigger Neck Hairs".

Paladin said...

Overload - That's for sure. I've got a pretty thick skin generally. I've been called every name in the book on the job and I shrug it off. Startle me, though... and all bets are off.

I'm better now than I used to be. When I would fall asleep on the couch, Mrs. Paladin used to wake me up by throwing something at me from the doorway :)