Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cats are A-holes.

You know its true. Even if you are a "cat person", you have to admit they can be dicks at times...


Friday, September 28, 2012

Girl Friday - 9/28/2012 - Barbara Palvin

This week's Girl Friday is Hungarian Model,

Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin 5

She's a mystery, because I don't speak Hungarian, but hit the jump for more...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Suburban Coyote Calling

I shot this video early last spring (I think). It was a drizzling, cold morning just after sunrise. The City where I work has a population around 90,000, and the area where I shot this video seems rural but is in actuality about the geographic center of the city.

I was sitting in the Dog Truck in the parking lot of a public park near the city's dog park facility. Across the road is an undeveloped field. Just for grins I rolled down the window and tooted a bit on an injured rabbit call. Didn't take long to attract some attention. Apologies for the quality of the video. I shot this with the camera that I use for digital still photos. It shoots wonderful HD video too... but my current dinosaur computer can't handle the video processing so I can't edit videos from that camera.

I had the small family group coming in at a steady pace, until my cell phone rang. That's the point that I started shooting video. You can hear the voicemail ring from the cell phone during the shoot. Once that happened the coyotes decided that injured rabbits probably wouldn't be sitting in a truck with a cell phone, and they moved on.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bailey update

My Granddaughter Bailey, who turns 4 years old in December, is often a shy girl. If you ever meet her, she'll most likely hide behind my legs and peek out at you from time to time. She "warms up" quicker to women than to men. In fact, there aren't many men besides her Father and myself that she'll talk to much at all - regardless of how long she's known them.

She makes an exception for her Father, because he's Daddy after all, and I get included in the Bailey Circle of Love because I'm Scruff - co-conspirator in many frequent Park Playground and Milkshake adventures :)

Anyway, she had the chance this summer to participate in a dayschool program for cheerleading. Mostly it was 4 and 5 year olds, and Bailey was the only 3 year old they asked to join in. They met once a month and learned cheers - which would be performed at a Pep Rally at the end of the class.

They had said Pep Rally a couple of weeks ago, and I'll admit that I didn't have high hopes. Shy little Bailey standing up on stage performing cheers in front of an audience? Yeah... I don't think so.

Boy was I wrong. There was a 5 girl team from her school. 30 seconds into the routine, one of the other girls broke down in tears and fled the stage. However, Little Bailey was a cheerleading machine!  She cheered louder and danced around with more energy than any other girl up there. It really surprised me.

As much of a "Girly Girl" as she is, she also isn't afraid of the rough-and-tumble. She likes the outdoors and has shown an interest in hunting... though she's much to small still to actually participate. That doesn't stop her from liking to go along. At this point she is perfectly content to gather up the spent shotgun shells during dove hunts.... 'cuz they're pretty, you know.

bailey camo 2 cropped

Monday, September 24, 2012

Clear Differences are Clear.


"Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business. Government shouldn't play a part in everyday life. Jefferson said that the people should be left to manage their own affairs. His opposition will bear careful analysis, and the country could stand a good deal more of its application. The trouble with us is we talk about Jefferson, but we do not follow him. In this theory that the people should manage their government, and not be managed by it, he was everlastingly right." -- Calvin Coolidge


"To that extent, as radical as I think the people try to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn't that radical It didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, at least as it's been interpreted, and the Warren Court interpreted it the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. Says what the states can't do to you. Says what the federal government can't do to you, but it doesn't say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf." - Barack Obama

Put your thinking caps on, and try to come up with a list of just 5 areas of your life where the federal government doesn't currently exercise influence and control, or seek to exercise influence and control. Go ahead. I'll wait .... Come on.. just 5 things.

Can't do it?

How about just two areas?... One?

It took us a while to get where we are now and the blame doesn't rest solely with Democrats and other Liberals. Republicans and others have contributed to the mess just as recklessly. There isn't a sole alive that can count the vast number of federal laws and regulations that shape and control our lives - most done under the guise of being "for our own good". Its very hard to even count the number of Departments and Agencies and other bureaucracies at the federal level that affect our daily lives - most of which have no accountability to the people who pay their salaries and who give them the power that they wield.

Please vote this November. I know Romney isn't the Poster Boy for Conservatism. Lord knows I've got my problems with the man in that respect. I think the people who say that a Romney Presidency would be no different than a second Obama term, though, have sort of lost their perspective.

Can you imagine President Obama ever expressing any concerns at all about Government Dependency and Entitlement mentality?... Not likely.

Look, I know there's temptation to see our choices as kinda like being asked to either eat a crap sandwich or a crap sandwich with mustard, but at least it is still a choice we get to make. A Mitt Presidency will be different from the Obama fiasco - even if Mitt isn't nearly as Conservative as I would like him to be. The way I see it you're going to be forced to eat the sandwich either way in November.

I'll take the crap sandwich with Extra Mustard, Please.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Frosted Flakes are Grrrrreat!

From New York.... Man leaps from monorail train to clear a 16 foot fence and enter a Tiger habitat at the Bronx Zoo.

Police said Saturday that Villalobos had told detectives that it was without fear that he leaped from an elevated train into the animal's den. His reason, they said, was that "he wanted to be one with the tiger."

Villalobos also recounted how, after he landed on all fours, the 400-pound beast attacked him and dragged around by his foot, said New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne. Despite serious injuries, he claimed he was able to get his wish and pet the tiger — a male Siberian named Bashuta — before his rescue, the spokesman added.

Before his now-infamous tangle with a Bronx Zoo tiger, David Villalobos adorned his Facebook page with New Age odes to Mother Earth and affirmations like, "Be love and fearless."

It's very sad when someone make such a strong run for a Darwin Award, yet misses it by that much.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Girl Friday - 9/21/2012 - Greta Macabre

This week's Girl Friday comes all the way from Croatia. She's pin-up and alternative model

Greta Macabre

Greta Macabre 7

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have I got a deal for you....

You're going to love this, trust me.

Do you like bicycles? Of course you do. Who doesn't like bikes? Exercise, fresh air, good for the environment.... They're GREATTTT!


Here's my plan: First, you give me $3000. Then, I'm going to go off and borrow another $1000 to add to it. In your name. That you'll be responsible for paying back. Then I'm going to use some of that $4000 to buy you a really cool bike. Three speeds, special locks, GPS system, the WORKS!

Still with me?

Good. Now, I'm not going to just *give* you the bike. Oh no, that wouldn't do at all. I'm going to pick someone else - maybe someone who I want to owe me a favor in the future -  and I'll give THEM the bike to hold on to for you. Yeah.. and whenever you want to ride your bike, you just go to them and they will loan you your bike so that you can ride it. As long as you bring it back when you're done.

So you can get the fresh air and exercise and stuff.

They'll have to charge you each time you borrow your bike, of course, with extra fines if you are late bringing  your bike back to them. What?.... You don't expect them to manage your bike for FREE, do you?


And hey, all you people who don't give a crap about riding bikes? I see you back there all pouty faced because you aren't getting this sweet deal. Don't worry - I'm going to charge you for the bike purchases, the bike lanes, the kiosks for bike rental, and probably the general upkeep of the whole system because there's no way in hell this thing will ever pay for itself.... and you'll get to pay regardless of whether your ass ever hits a bike seat. That way, you get to feel like a part of the community.

You're welcome!

And for all you nay-saying bike haters out there who are thinking: "It would make so much more sense if the people who wanted to ride a fucking bicycle, would use their own money and BUY a fucking bicycle." -  Well, you just must hate America. Also, Racist.

Man.. I'm really good at coming up with inovative ideas like this. If only there was some way we could convince our elected officials to buy into this progessive way of approaching the critical problems facing our society.

If only....

Monday, September 17, 2012

You can't fix stupid.

One of the calls at work that I ran this summer, involved dealing with someone near the top of my "most stupid person of the year" list. Actually, it was two different people... but I didn't know this until later.

It was a bright, hot, Texas summer day. A resident in the city where I work was driving down her street with her kids in the car when she spied a bobcat kitten hunkered down by the curb along side the street.

"That's a bobcat," she thought to herself. "That's not right."

So, what does she do? Does she go on about her business leaving nature to itself? Does she call Animal Control and report the bobcat's location?

You might think so, but no. She did neither of the above. Don't forget, you're dealing with someone competing for the stupidest person of the year award here.

She stops her SUV in the middle of the street and takes off on foot chasing the young bobcat to and fro as it wildly tries to get away from her. She manages to corner it, and grabs it in her bare hands - thinking, of course, that the cute little kitten will be so grateful for her assistance that it will purr and nuzzle her cheek and Mother Gaia will smile down upon us all .....

It bit her multiple times on both hands and put some deep scratches all down one of her arms by the time she got close enough to fling it into the SUV, where it sat in the middle of the street with her kids still inside.

Luckily, the kitten was so freaked out that it immediately fled beneath the seats of the vehicle and away from the now screaming kiddos. Mrs. Dumbass then got back into her SUV, totally perplexed over why her demonstration of Nature-Love had gone completely tits-up. Maybe she should have "whispered" to it, like they do on the Nature Channels?

She got her brood, and the angry bobcat, home and parked the SUV in the garage. THEN she called us. When I arrived, it took me over half an hour crawling around in the 100+ degree garage before I could maneuver the bobcat into a position under the seats where I could get it out without damaging the car, the bobcat, or myself.

bobcat kitten

When we stood together in the driveway after all was said and done, the Lady asked me regarding her "capture" of the bobcat, "Was that a stupid thing to do?"

My reply: "Yeah. That was pretty stupid."

Then I got to tell her that, since she had managed to make the bobcat kitten bite her, I was required to euthanize the animal and send a specimen to Austin for rabies testing. That there would be no rehab/release for the orphaned kitten, since she chose to do something stupid instead of calling us to deal with it from the start.

The honorable mention for stupidest person surfaced several days later. It appears that another man had actually caught this very same kitten a couple of days earlier. He too was bitten during the event, and did not call us at all. Instead, he gave the kitten to some person that he didn't know - who then released the kitten along side a creek in the neighborhood. Then and only then, when it was impossible for us to do anything, did he decide to become worried about rabies and call our office in a panic.

I wish there was an uplifting end to this story, but there's not. It's truly a wonder that mankind doesn't just dissolve into a pool of it's own stupid.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Girl Friday - 9/14/2012 - Ryu Ji Hye

Girl Friday this week is an obvious favorite of mine, since she's been Girl Friday more than any other girl by far....

Rye Ji Hye

rjh umbrella 3

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Surely I can't be the only one to see the difference?

I've heard the word "Protests" about a million times in the past couple of days. It's making me crazy. Let's clear things up right now, OK?...

This is a Protest:

protest 3

This is AN ATTACK:

attack 4

This is a Protest:

protest 1

This is AN ATTACK:

attack 3

This is a Protest:

protest 4

This is AN ATTACK:


Get it yet?.... I see one or two confused looking Liberals in the back there. So, I'll repeat myself one more time. Pay attention this time. This is going to be on the Test, and its about 90% of your grade.

This is a Protest (as disgusting and stupid as it is):

protest 2

This is AN ATTACK:

attack 1

So, now that we have that cleared up and are speaking the same language here's my opinion on what we SHOULD be doing in the face of both events:

If you have an Embassy in a foreign country, your response to a "Protest" is simple. You do nothing at all about it except perhaps meeting with the people in power to listen to their concerns and explain the position of the United States. Its the job of Diplomats and Ambassadors to ply the complex waters of international relations. If a group of people who hate America want to burn US Flags, chant slogans, carry signs, or burn random cars parked on the street - we take no action. It's not our business. Hell, as far as I'm concerned, the retards can burn their whole city to the ground if they want to. It's the job of the local government and local police to deal with it.

However, once ANY act of aggression toward our Embassy or Embassy staff occurs, that moves things from "Protest" to "Attack". People who commit acts of violence toward the US Embassies should be dealt with immediately, and with extreme prejudice. That includes the rock chuckers, firebomb throwers, gate climbers, and rifle shooters.

We should warn the protestors and others in the immediate vicinity of our intentions to defend ourselves, to limit collateral damage as much as possible - but we should provide the embassies with the means to defend themselves against ATTACKS like these and we should have the will to utilize those means.

Its pretty basic and straight forward. Act like a crazy fool all you want out in the street. Take physical action against this facility and we will end you.

If the authorities in the countries where we have embassies are unable to control their citizens, and have a problem with US Forces defending the lives and safety of US workers, then we should pull our embassy personnel out and shut off ALL aid to that country immediately.

Leave it to the Pros.

One of the frequent arguments put forth by Anti-Gun folks is that we should leave our personal defense to the Professionals. You know... the men and women with the training and experience needed to safely and effectively use those dangerous guns?

Garland, Texas Police Officer rams suspect's truck, then fires 41 rounds at the apparently unarmed guy while he sat in the truck with his 20 year old girlfriend....

Dallas News |

I don't even know where to start.... I try to give the Police every single benefit of the doubt, but Holy Crap they can sure make it hard sometimes.

The man that was shot had a long criminal record with a history of running from the cops. I, personally, would have been fine with it had the cops jerked his dumb ass out of the truck and tuned him up a bit. Maybe taser or mace if he doesn't step lively enough with the compliance after running from the cops TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW.

But I can't imagine a scenario where what appears to have happened here is even remotely justified.

Six, over at The Warrior Class, has an excellent post up dealing with Hysterical Incompetence - what it is, why it happens, and what can be done to reduce it. Really good read, and the thinking sure could have helped in this situation.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Irritating? Yes. Confounding? No.

Secretary Clinton, in response to the killing of the US Ambassador in Libya:

"I ask myself, how could this happen? How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction?" Clinton said. "This question reflects just how complicated and, at times, how confounding the world can be."

The reason that this happened isn't "confounding" at all, Secretary Clinton. The reason this stuff happens is pretty simple.

Regardless of the fact that there are many reasonable, rational people living in the middle east (and there are many) - there are still many thousands that are totally batshit crazy evil. They hate us, and there's nothing we can do about it. No way to placate them. No way to "apologize" our way into their good graces. No way to bow respectfully before their leaders and win them over.

The only solution is to kill those that threaten us.


The MacGyver of Animal Control

One of my (many) calls this summer was at a local shopping center parking lot. Look closely at the top of the tree in this picture....

bird tree 1

See it? No? .... look closer.

bird tree 2

A bird had gotten a piece of string wrapped around its feet and then landed in the top of the tree - entangling itself in the process. It was just hanging there upside down with the occasional disgusted wing flap. The top of the tree where the bird was snared is well over 20 feet from the ground.

What's a guy to do?

bird tree 3

You tape your knife to the end of an extension pole, that's what you do.

The string was really wrapped tightly around his feet/legs. Took me a while to get it all off once I got him out of the tree. Does he look grateful to you?

bird tree 4

Yeah... I don't think so either.

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Gun!

I've posted before about my love for the Ruger Security Six. I picked up a used, blued, 4 inch barreled model a while back and really enjoy shooting it. It's a bit much to carry concealed, though, so I found a shorter barreled version recently on Gun Broker.

It's a 2 3/4 inch barrel, stainless, version of the Ruger Security Six. Chambered in .357 magnum, this particular gun was most likely made in the early to mid 1980s and doesn't look like its been shot very much at all. It always puzzles me when I see a gun as great as the Security Six that is 20 years old - yet doesn't look to have seen many rounds through it.

When I went to the range, I think I discovered the secret.... the previous owner undoubtedly had some shooting technique problems. The sights were WAY off. Like 7-8 inches in both planes. I'm a fairly decent shot with revolvers and aiming at the center mass of the man-shaped target, I was missing color with most rounds even as close as 7 yards away.

Instead of working on their shooting skills, PO apparently tried to deal with the problem by adjusting the rear sight - to a ridiculous degree. Once I got over the WTF moment, it was a quick enough fix to tweak the sight.

Here's a pic of the best I could do before adjusting the sights:

ruger security six test

To hit the head, I was having to aim at a blank spot completely off the target above and to the left of the head. I suck at aiming at "nothing".

Here's a pic of my group after I felt like the sights were adjusted to my satisfaction. I was aiming at the small scoring logo located in the upper left hand corner of a target used for CHL qualification. Much better.

ruger security six test 2

It kills me when people shoot all over the place at the range, and then twiddle with the sight adjustment between every couple of shots. "Hmm.... My first shot went over the target's head, and my next shot went through the groin.... I must need to adjust the sights!"

I've found that most guns will shoot way more accurately than I am capable of exploiting. That's mostly true for me with handguns, at any rate. Adjusting the sights won't correct for inconsistent shooting, or downright bad technique, for that matter.

Want to see an example of the old adage: "Aim small, miss small" ?

ruger security six test 3

That's the manufacturer's info on the same target. I was aiming at the tiny little silhouette. Missed the silhouette completely, but a damn good group :) That's the last 4 rounds of ammo I had in the box. I was happy to quit while I was ahead after this. I don't shoot that well all the time, obviously, but I'll claim it anyway.

Hell, I own up to my bad targets... I'm damn sure gonna crow over the good ones!

Later, I knocked out an IWB holster that really rides and conceals well - even under a loose t-shirt. I originally planned to just carry this gun under a heavier overshirt or jacket during the winter - but I can carry it during the summer as well since it rides so well.

ruger holster

The doubled reinforcement around the front keeps the mouth of the holster open when the gun is drawn, thus making reholstering smooth and easy. Your belt doesn't squeeze the holster mouth shut. The strap on the front (instead of the side) twists the holster a bit in your waistband and makes the grip tuck in closer to your body so it doesn't print under your shirt so badly.

I didn't come up with either of these features on my own, of course. I just looked around and picked stuff that I liked from other holster styles and used them myself. My holsters aren't works of art by any stretch, but they do work really well and they aren't that hard to make after you've done it a time or two.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Girl Friday - 9/07/2012 - Marlene Favela

That's right.... the long drought is over and Girl Friday has returned :)

Kicking off the return of Girl Friday, this week we say Buenos Dias to Mexican Actress,

Marlene Favela

marlene-favela 7

Hit the jump for more of what you've been missing the past couple of months....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From the Workshop - Goodell Pratt drill

The workshop has been hot as hell over the course of the summer (what's new?). I haven't really had the desire to get out there and work on anything. I did do a quickie project recently though.

As I've posted before, one of the odd things I collect are antique hand drills manufactured by the Goodell Pratt Company. Most are of the "egg beater" style. I recently added another drill to the little collection and thought I would post a couple of before/during/after pics...

Here she is when she came home with me.

goodell pratt before

This particular drill is one of the larger sized ones. Measuring about 14 inches long, its not as large as a breast drill, but larger and heavier than the foot-long smallest drills. It has bit storage in the handle, via an end cap that screws off. Bits were the fluted style common to these types of drills and their cousins, the yankee drills.

I start the restoration process by tearing the drill down as much as possible. Its pretty simple, but you have to be careful that you don't lose any of the pieces - including the ball bearings if included. This model is a 2-speed drill that allows you to select the speed of the drill via a selector knob.

goodell pratt before 2

Once broken down, I clean everything up, and paint as desired. This drill had a couple of different patent dates (one for the chuck and one of the drill itself) that are visible after cleaning away the rust and dirt. 1895 and 1896, respectively.

goodell pratt after chuck

Here's a shot of the speed selector knob:

goodell pratt after speed

Here she is all done, with the tail cap off to show the storage area:

goodell pratt after

Monday, September 3, 2012

What could possibly go wrong? Moral Enhancement Edition

The Oxford University Press blog posted an article drawn from the recently released book "Unfit for the Future: The Urgent Need for Moral Enhancement" by Julian Savulescu and Ingmar Persson - both professors of Philosophy.

In said book, the Douchebags Authors propose several methods for enhancing us so that we could all become better people. They imagine a world where our moral motivations are "enhanced"... Tweaked, if you will, so that we all get on board with the correct way of looking at life and approaching life's decisions. "Correct", of course, meaning that our morals and ideals would more closely align with their own....

One method to achieve this enhancement is already practised in all societies: moral education. Al Gore, Friends of the Earth and Oxfam have already had success with campaigns vividly representing the problems our selfish actions are creating for others – others around the world and in the future.

But there is another possibility emerging. Our knowledge of human biology – in particular of genetics and neurobiology – is beginning to enable us to directly affect the biological or physiological bases of human motivation, either through drugs, or through genetic selection or engineering, or by using external devices that affect the brain or the learning process. We could use these techniques to overcome the moral and psychological shortcomings that imperil the human species.

We are at the early stages of such research, but there are few cogent philosophical or moral objections to the use of specifically biomedical moral enhancement – or moral bioenhancement. In fact, the risks we face are so serious that it is imperative we explore every possibility of developing moral bioenhancement technologies – not to replace traditional moral education, but to complement it. We simply can’t afford to miss opportunities. We have provided ourselves with the tools to end worthwhile life on Earth forever. Nuclear war, with the weapons already in existence today could achieve this alone.

If we must possess such a formidable power, it should be entrusted only to those who are both morally enlightened and adequately informed.

So... use genetics, drugs, and bioengineering to "enhance" our moral development with the eventual goal being that all of us will more naturally find ourselves predisposed to reaching moral conclusions that align with their idea of right and wrong.



Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm Baaaaaack.....

Two months off from blogging, and I wish I could report that I return all refreshed from a vacation filled with fun and adventure... but in truth, the past couple of months are a blur of work, on call, and family stuff.

Oh, well. So goes life :) Fall is almost here and not a moment too soon, if you ask me. I'll be Laboring tomorrow, on Labor Day, but I have a post sitting in the que for Monday, a little restoration project report on Wednesday, and Girl Friday makes her return on Friday! I'm gonna try for a minimum of three days a week posting, with extra stuff thrown in if I get the urge.

Thanks to those who dropped a line or a comment during my absence.