Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cue Music... "Born Free"

Be Free, Whiskers!..... OH, NO!

I don't know if the video is real, and I don't care.

I released a mouse once like this on The Job at the insistance of a soft hearted homeowner. It ran across their yard, through a hedge, and into the street where it was immediately smashed by a passing car. This video was much more elegant.

Its the circle of life :)


hiswiserangel said...

I was driving to pick up the girls when I was stopped by a cheeky squirrel in the middle of the road. It seemed to sit there daring me to hit it. I think it flipped me off. I was late picking up the girls and about to call it's bluff when a hawk swooped down and grabbed it and flew off. Split second, but I saw the WTF? look on it's face and had to laugh. God I love nature.

Paladin said...

Mother nature has a very low tolerance for a-holes :)