Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From the Workshop - a Quickie

Found an old re-purposed storage chest at a flea market the other day.

emerson box before

Back in the Day, when you purchased a high dollar item it didn't come in a cardboard box filled with styrofoam. It came in a wooden crate, often with interesting advertising graphics embossed and/or painted on the wood. This originally was a crate holding an Electric Fan manufactured by Emerson Electric. Its probably from the late 20's or early 30's.

Someone back in those days decided the left over crate was too useful to just throw away, so they made a storage chest out of it. Pretty good craftsmanship and attention to detail for an item like this. It had mud-dobber nests, spiderwebs, and dirt on/in it when I got it but it cleaned up really easily with some scotchbrite pads. A couple of light coats of clear poly gave it just the right amount of sheen and warmed it up a bit.

One of the hinges was snapped, so I had to replace them. No pic, but I was able to use a textured brownish spray paint top misted with some flat black to make the "new" hinges blend in better. It's perfect for storing magazines and dvds in.

emerson box after

Now I just need to pick up an old victorian/edwardian sash lift for lifting the lid and she's all done.


Stephen said...

Ah, quality. Shame such craftsmanship has left our shores.

Six said...

Lu got a case of the panting wants when she saw that. Beautiful Paladin.