Sunday, February 17, 2013

Attention Texas Shooters...

The Texas Legislature is in Session again, and there are several Firearm related pieces of legislation up for consideration. As usual, since this is Texas, most of them would be positives for us if passed. In Texas, even Democrats can sometimes be counted on to promote 2nd amendment rights.

We can't fall asleep on the job, though. Its important to not become complacent just because we don't live in New York or California. There are still plenty of people in Texas that would love to crap all over your Consitutional Rights - if you let them.

Some highlights: There's only two on the list that I come down against. There's a bill that needs to go away that would give government entities the power to ban gun shows from public property. There's also a bill that would stop Texas residents from carrying concealed with an out of state CHL. Both those need to die on the vine.

Aside from those two stinkers I'd give every other bill a thumbs up.

HB 700 would allow people who have a concealed carry permit to also carry OPENLY. That would be a very good thing indeed.

HB 47 would reduce the CHL classroom hours from 10 hour to between 4 and 6 hours- not affecting time on the range to qualify. Anyone who has sat through the classroom portion of the CHL requirements knows this would be a great idea. Texas has one of the highest classroom hour requirements in the US and the 10 hour benchmark was made even before the curiculum was decided on. Its WAY too much time to spend on the amount of material there is to cover, IMO.

HB 706 would make it legal for CHL holders to carry on College Campus. This one is also paired up with a companion bill in the Senate (SB 182).

There are some other good bills under consideration as well, but these are my personal top favorites. Contact your State Representatives in the Texas Legislature and let them know you want their support and votes to reflect your Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights.

You can find your State House Representative HERE.

You can find your State Senator HERE.


3boxesofbs said...


Trying to get the word out there so plans can be made. We are having another Dallas Area Blogshoot on May 26th of this year.

Going to be a private range I belong to with lunch and plenty of shooting (providing we can find ammo).

There is a $5 per shooter guest fee and additional costs for clays but otherwise no money.

First D.A.B. we had 17 people, 2nd we had 30 and this time I'm inviting friends and family out to help me celebrate. Hope you and your family can make it over.

Paladin said...

I'd love to attend, Bob. I'll do my best but we're still at half staff at work and Sundays are work days for me.