Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hawk Mystery Solved...

I posted a couple of days ago about a Hawk I spotted.

january hawk

I had a couple of ideas about what type of Hawk it was and Commenters put their two cents worth in. Turns out we were all wrong :)

I sent an email to the Blackland Prarie Raptor Center, which is a place where we send injured hawks and owls for rehab when I pick them up on the Job. They ID'd it as a Harlan's Hawk - which they explain is sort of a sub-species of Red Tailed Hawk.

It's not a common Hawk to see - so we can all use that excuse for getting it wrong :)


smoky said...

My neighbor and I have been trying to figure out what kinnd of hawl we've been seeing in our yards(NE Garland). This sure looks like it.

GypsyD said...

Beautiful creature that.