Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm glad I waited

A Kindle - 1935 Style.

kindle 1935 everyday science
Via Everday Science and Mechanics Magazine 1935

I really enjoy my Kindle, but I don't think this contraption would fit in my gear bag for work.


LL said...

You obviously need a larger gear bag.

Paladin2214 said...

I love the smoking jacket. But I don't see the problem it solves. I was almost expected to say "powered by X-Rays"

Kal said...

This looks very complicated and would only work for a minture before needed readjustment. He should have just waiting for the TV. And what is with the smoking jacket. No one has ever explained to me it's purpose.

Paladin said...

LL - Yes. Yes, I do :)

Paladin2214 - Yeah, I thought it odd that he's watching this gizmo but also has regular sized books on the end table beside him.

Kal - I'm wondering if maybe his library would have room for full sized books if he didn't have so much space taken up by this monster. Smoking jackets, in theory, were supposed to absorb smoke smells and protect your clothing from pipe and cigar ash. In actual practice they were mostly just a fashion element popular at the time.