Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Giving me the Finger

january coyote 2

Shot that pic from the truck window at work the other day.... no zoom at all. Brazen suburban coyote living in/around a golf course in the middle of town. It'll let you get this close if you're in a vehicle, but only within 100 feet of so if you're on foot. It's not stupid.

Annoying, but not stupid.

january coyote 3

I can tell you what it's thinking.... but I can't write it in a blog where women and children might stumble across it. We'll probably have to remove this one from circulation since it's become a serious pest.


SouthernProletariat said...

Our subdivision backs up to a wildlife refuge....I've seen a coyote trot down our street bold as brass at twilight....take him out I say!!

wirecutter said...

There's a family of coyotes near the river on my way home from work that I've been watching for 7-8 generations now. They'll come within 50 feet of the truck but as soon as I move to take a picture, they're gone. I've had to resist naming them.

Rabbit said...

That's a mighty well-fed 'yote.