Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Real America

A couple of weekends ago, Mrs. Paladin and I made our annual pilgrimage over to Ft. Worth for the Stockshow.

fw stockshow beef

I've posted before about how much I enjoy visiting places like livestock shows, rural fairs, and the like. It's really nice to get back in touch with life that reminds me of my youth. Its also nice to immerse yourself in an environment that doesn't yield so easily to Political Correctness.

fw stockshow sticker

We enjoy walking around through the exhibitor barns to see the animals and watch the kids getting their critters ready for show. There are several barns like these filled with beef cattle, poultry, sheep, pigs, and goats. Many city people don't understand the level of work involved in getting the food they eat into the store.

fw stockshow barn

fw stockshow herefords

fw stockshow ram

There's also lots of wonderful food, and exhibitors hall with vendors of art, clothing, equipment, etc. There's also a really good Rodeo... but you'd best get your tickets early if you want to see it.

And lest you think that the Stockshow is unbalanced and one-sided... I offer proof that Liberals and Progressives are indeed welcome and given a place of honor and attention:

fw stockshow sheep
Huh... Looks like these have already been sheard.


Kal said...

I have no shame in admitting that I could watch sheep shearing all day long. There needs to be an entire television station that just shows sheep shearing from all over the world. Where is the world championship held?

Paladin said...

Kal - I'm not sure... but I'd wager somewhere in Australia or maybe New Zealand?

Not a lot of sheep in this part of Texas. You'll see more as Ag Projects at places like the stockshow than you'll ever see in pastures nearby. Mostly Cattle country here.

Now goats are another matter. Lots of meat goats raised around here, and Angora Goats for mohair down in South Texas.